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simple actions you can take to support the oceans' challenges, today


Is capitalism the enemy of environmentalists?

By Ashneil Jeffers, activist, Montserrat

Photo by: Vivian Villafaña


Is capitalism the biggest challenge we have as environmentalists? 

I think the concept of capitalism is really misunderstood.

It’s true that capitalism, as a concept, doesn’t care about saving the environment, but it also doesn’t care if it helps it too. The only thing it cares about is profitability.

What’s good about profitability...



higher ROI (return on investment) for climate change minded companies than for those who refuse to disclose emissions



of Americans would stop purchasing from a company that doesn't care about climate change



of sustainability professionals believe their company’s efforts to integrate sustainability processes in their supply chains are ineffective


Be brave!

If you have a business idea you’ve been thinking about…work on it, and work on it NOW.

Think double bottom line

Make sure your idea is sustainable both environmentally and economically. If it’s not both, think of a different one!

Use your community

If you need help, get in touch with me personally, or see Zana, my fellow climate activists' call to action. She's working on a program that helps climate activists & entrepreneurs. We can definitely help!

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Ashneil Jeffers

I am the opposition leader in the Montserrat youth Parliament and one of Peace Boat’s Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors

My biggest passion is self-improvement and public speaking

My main goal is to empower youth in Montserrat 

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