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simple actions you can take to support the oceans' challenges, today.

created by youth climate activists

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I couldn’t stay silent, #Ispeakbluetoo

By Eve Isambourg, activist, Mauritius


I’m a child of the tide.  

And words will never be enough to say how grateful I am.  

Growing up on an island, Mauritius,  

I’ve felt what it feels, when, 

What made you who you are - dies,  

Before your eyes - the Ocean made me. 

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of the planet’s surface is covered by the ocean

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of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean

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the number of ocean dead zones - where there is not enough oxygen to support marine life


Eve Isambourg
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I am a surfer, artist, photographer and writer.

My biggest passion is Environmental Communication.

My main goal is to encourage others to take better care of ourselves, each other and the planet, in order to reconnect to what really matters and where we are from.

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Action for the Oceans is a youth leadership storytelling program launching on this year's United Nations World Oceans Day

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