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simple actions you can take to support the oceans' challenges, today

Rocky Island

Creating marine protected areas that bring prosperity to all

By Justaquiu Fabiano Lasi "Jake Lasi", Activist, Timor-Leste


My hometown is a small village in TImor-Leste, an island country in southeast Asia.

The main source of income for many families around me is spear fishing, a phenomenon that causes the marine environment, and the delicate balance of life in our seas to be extremely unstable.

How do marine protected areas help nature to be restored and prosper?


Marine protected areas help conserve corals from the dangers of net and spear fishing

Coral Reef Island

Healthy coral reefs increase number of fish population as well as promote balance of the entire marine ecosystem

Little Fish

Balanced food chain =  strong biodiversity. which in turn protects peoples' live and livelihoods


Why Marine protected areas?

Learn more by seeing this video about my community's actions in TImor - Leste

Create Marine protected areas

Marine protected areas help our oceans health bounce back to health. Learn how you can create them yourselves

Keep local communities in mind

Always remember - when we succeed to protect nature, we need to keep peoples' livelihoods in mind and create alternatives

Justaquiu Fabiano Lasi
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I am a divemaster, swim and snorkeling teacher, activist for the oceans.

My biggest passion is environmental protection both in theory and practice.

My main goal is Promoting marine tourism as an alternative revenue for the country.

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