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simple actions you can take to support the oceans' challenges, today


The truth about Traditions...

By La Tisha Parkinson, activist, Trinidad & Tobago


We tend to think of traditions as something that remains the same forever, but that's not true. A tradition is simply a custom that we pass on. However, a tradition can change whenever we need it to. A changed tradition is still a tradition.

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Sharks have existed for over 400 million years, but over two-thirds of the world’s shark species are threatened by overfishing today

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Only 6% of the world’s ocean is dedicated as a Marine Protected Area for sharks and rays

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Sharks are worth far more to us alive than they are dead. In diving tourism, a single reef shark is worth $250K, versus a one time value of $50 when caught for food


Eat Sustainably

Saving our seas one bite at a time! Find your local options for sustainable seafood

Take the survey

Whether you’re in Morocco, Mexico, or Iceland, whether you buy, sell, or eat them, tell us how you interact with sharks

Get Involved

Do you have an interest in marine research and policy, communications, art for activism, or diversifying marine science? If so, then you’ve found your tribe!

Join the Community

Speak Up Ocean protects our oceans by educating and empowering young people from Large Ocean States to speak up for the oceans and act in their local communities

La Tisha Parkinson

I am an island girl, working at the intersection of education and ocean conservation.

My biggest passion is people.

My main goal is to ensure everyone has the ability to live their best lives.

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Action for the Oceans is a youth leadership storytelling program launching on this year's United Nations World Oceans Day

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