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simple actions you can take to support the oceans' challenges, today


Building community across distance

By Silvia Cantu, activist, Mexico


My name is Silvia Cantu Bautista, I'm 24 years old, and I am from Monterrey, Mexico. I've recently graduated from Middlebury College with a major in Political Science with a focus on International Environmental Policy.



of the heat trapped by man-made global warming pollution goes into the Ocean


Oceans become warmer and more acidic over time, which severely affects marine ecosystems as well as the communities that depend on them for survival and sustenance. 


Mexico, with its 11,122 km of coast line, is one of the megadiverse countries in the world with a greater oceanic (∼ 65%) than terrestrial (35%) extension, distributed in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean regions.


Support an org

Visit our online directory of marine conservation organizations and collectives in Mexico and pick at least one project to support throughout the month of June

Suggested reading

Learn more about how climate change affects our marine ecosystems, and how it affects the livelihoods of both coastal and non-coastal communities around the world

Join the network

Fill out our interest form to join or collaborate with the Network of Mexican Youth for Marine Conservation (RJMCM).

*Available in Spanish and English

Silvia Cantu

I am an Advanced PADI certified scuba diver and professional photographer

My biggest passion is marine conservation and youth education

My main goal is to utilize the power of storytelling for social and climate justice

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Action for the Oceans is a youth leadership storytelling program launching on this year's United Nations World Oceans Day

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