Current project: Mid East Storytellers

A platform for Israeli and Palestinian Peace Activists

What do we do?

We create content with and for the communities we work with

How do we do it?

By facilitating interactive workshops where we teach personal and collective story crafting tools, using video / phototherapy, creative writing and art therapy techniques 

Who do we work with?

We help companies, nonprofits and social activists tell their stories to themselves and to the world

What's all this good good for?


Participants establish a new connection with themselves, their teams and their mission. In fact, they get to rewrite their personal contracts with what they do in their lives. 


Content that is created in our projects is unique and can be harvested to promote various goals and causes through exhibitions, social media posts, celebratory gala events and more.


On top of all that, when you work with Pendulum, part of your budget goes into funding another project with a social / ecological cause.  Everybody wins!

What have we done so far?


Past works have been presented all over the world; in venues spanning from Manhattan’s Soho to Berlin's Mitte, in the deserts of Israel and the beaches of Tel Aviv (that’s where we are from by the way).

Content from our projects has assisted our clients in rebranding their stories, focusing their goals and raising awareness through social media posts, physical assets and gala events.

Selected projects

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Frequently asked - frequently answered!

How long do these projects run?

We are super flexible, really! We create custom made programs that will fit your needs, from 2 sessions (one session is never enough) to a full year of meetings, and anything in between. .

What will I learn in your workshops?

- What makes a story captivating, engaging and moving - Practical, accesible tools to better capture videos & photos - Visual content editing tools - How to plan and execute impact driven content campaigns - Applying storytelling techniques to re-examing core aspects of our personal, professional and creative lives - How does light, sound, imagery, camera angles affect us and our audience

So who facilitates these workshops of yours?

Noa & Rom - founders of Pendulum produce, facilitate and curate all of Pendulum's projects. We also host personal mentors, specialists and expert lectures, according to each project's objectives

Are the sessions online or on-life?

Both options work great, we have vast experience facilitating both online and in-person workshops

Who are we?

Stories change reality.

They are all around us. Stories dictate our lives, our cultures, our beliefs and our arts.

We founded Pendulum because we are committed and passionate about sharing the vast power that stories hold.

Rom Barnea is a social entrepreneur, alum of Sam Spiegel Film & Television school, Jerusalem and Hasifa School for Video-therapy. Founder of Fish out of Sea global initiative.

Noa Urbach is a social entrepreneur, mother of Alex and wife of Ido. Master's candidate in International Education studies at Columbia University. Founder of Helpi, a nonprofit micro-volunteering platform. Forbes 30under30 shortlist for 2020


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